Your love knows no limits and neither should your wedding.

You’ve dreamed of this day, and it’s our job at Culture Royale to make it real. Our passion and professionalism go into every detail of your event. Elaborate menus and a talent for service make your celebration exquisite, while our love of innovation creates a spark of something special.

We want your event to feel unique to who you are. Whether you crave an elaborate celebration or an intimate experience exchanging vows before those closest to you, we know we have done our job when you’re in the moment, making memories that will last a lifetime.


No detail is too small when making dreams a reality.

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The Culture Royale Experience

Weddings come in all styles and sizes—but no matter how intimate or lavish, they can seem overwhelming to plan. That’s where Culture Royale comes in. We handle every detail, from the venue’s décor to the feast that appears on each piece of china.

Your wedding should feel personal to you. That’s why we have a selection of exquisite venues, experienced decorators and designers, and inspired menus to ensure that your celebration is customized to your taste.


Find the perfect menu to make your wedding feast as unforgettable as the moments you share together.

Popular Wedding Event Menus

A dedicated menu planner will aid you in selecting dishes to accompany your wedding. Our myriad of delectable dishes will meet your every need. We happily accommodate, and encourage, complete customization of all dining selections and presentation. A wide array of visual styles ensures that our creations match your vision so we can help make your dream a reality.

We also offer customized party favors for your guests to bring home. These beautiful keepsakes will continue to remind guests of your wondrous wedding even after the revelry ends.